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A list of the current websites with Monkey Slap Marketing

Regios Mexican Food

Regios Mexican Food is a project website. An unassuming Mexican restaurant that is open late 7 days a week. They feature a drive-thru for fast service. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Regios is among the best value Mexican restaurants in the valley. The food comes from an A rated health inspected kitchen.

History With Regio’s Mexican Food

I have eaten here at Regios Mexican Food since 2010. In that time I have never had an issue with a order. Both for eat in and carry out. The staff, who I assume are the owners, are always kind to everyone. Truth be told I have never called in an order or used the drive thru but I have seen both happen while there. I’ve never needed to call in an order because it is just as fast to go in and order in person.

Consistent Service

That’s one of the things I love most about Regios. The service. It is always fast. Maybe it’s not fast but you never have to wait for someone playing with their phone or not knowing what to do. I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 10-15 minutes on a carry out order. And I’m figuring high. I honestly think I walk in, order and walk out in well under 5 minutes but I want you to believe me.

Consistently Good Food

Food quality is fair for the price. I’m pretty sure they use chicken off the bone … which I love. That means they are really cooking in their kitchen, not just microwaving everything. Some things are microwaved and sometimes the rice is a little dry. I’m assuming they use a microwave as a final heat up.

More Than Perfect For Families With Kids

Now I don’t have kids but I think it’s cool they have a little kids play area. All the toys are used too. That means Regios is really a family restaurant. There are plenty of seating too. A family of 7 or 8 can easily all fit at a table. Another plus for Regios, having room for the whole family. If you have one 🙂

Why Regios Mexican Food?

After eating Regios for about 5 years I took a to go menu. I noticed he didn’t have a website … and could probably use one. More on that in The Birth Of The Monkey. More importantly I picked Regios because they really are kind to the customers. The decision was easy to put up a basic website. Especially because he has the perks of late hours and a drive thru. Feeling I could help fill the gap I did.

So, if you’re around the 51 and Indian School in Central Phoenix put Regios Mexican Food on your list of places to try.