Monkey Slap Marketing is a project to support restaurants that don’t have a website for whatever reason.

These are places our staff has eaten at at least once. The project is to list the menu and whatever basic information we can gather.

Our goal is to help restaurants with good food and bad tech, feed a few extra customers. Project websites grow from tens of visitors per month to thousands of visitors per month.

At any time the business can contact us to remove their site.

Restaurant owners can request to purchase the website and domain. Monkey Slap Marketing staff can help you and even design a new site for the restaurant.

We do not charge to build the project websites. Funding comes from advertisements placed within the site.

Revenue generated goes to pay for server space and domain registration for the restaurant websites. We do not take payment from restaurant owners.

We make no claim to the physical business of any site we produce. Likewise, any issues with the physical business can not be resolved by Monkey Slap Marketing.

Thank you for taking an interest in our project. If you would like to support, eat at one of our project locations.

Monkey Slap Marketing Team